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Multis sajátosságok Success

Published on március 25th, 2014 | by Multiculti Juli


Succeeding at multinationals – Interview with Aniko Priol

Minolta DSCName: Anikó Priol

Service years in multinational environment: 14

Companies worked for: tobacco industry, DIY retail

Highest position reached: Head of marketing


1. What was your first position in your career? 

Marketing management trainee 

2. How long did it take for you to reach managerial position? 

3.5 years – managing a team of 4. 

3. What is the strongest point of your personality that helped you to progress in your career? 

Hard work. 

4. Looking back on your achievements of the past years, what are the most important lessons you have learned building your career? 

I should have listened to my instincts more – always proved afterwards. The rest of my wisdom you find in the upcoming answers :)  

5. How much does career depend on luck, commitment or relationship building in your view? 

Commitment is the base, relationships – you can invest in, and luck – you can hope for.   
All three counts. It is possible to get into positions and surf around with luck and relationships for quite some time. But if there is no commitment, skills or expertise behind, the moment of truth comes always. Sooner or later it does, and it can be painful. 

6. What are the qualities/skills needed to succeed in a multinational environment? 

Hard work and commitment. A good mixture of strategic thinking and making this happen. Really happen. Communication and influencing. Ability to co-operate, sometimes compromise, but definitely work with other people. Excellent functional knowledge. Use of internal network. Ability and drive to learn and develop further. People leadership skills. Integrity. 
And all this has to be in line with your personal style to stay credible. 

7. What mistakes should be avoided by freshers planning their first career steps? 

Manage your impatience. Do not want too much too soon. It necessary to leave time for yourself to have a stable base of knowledge and experience in your first years, take internships, try different companies. Learn, learn, learn – and this will enable you to rise up quickly. Much more difficult (and less credible) the other way around. 

8. How do you balance worklife and family? 

It is difficult. Let’s be honest, one cannot give 100% everywhere. I also know about exceptions and positive examples, but few only. If someone works as senior manager, takes responsibility for work and his/her people it is a struggle. Everyone has a different style, I work until late on weekdays but do not take work home for the night or the weekend. 

9. What advice would you give to freshers who want to start building their career? 

There is no success without investment, but it is easier to concentrate your efforts if you know what you want to achieve. Be determined and dedicated to your goals and know your limits. 

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